An Amateur Study Journal on Blockchain, Crypto, & Defi

Let’s keep this straight. This is a list of note-to-self on blockchain and stuff. It will serve as an on-going developing archive for myself to keep track on things.

I do tend to review / study blockchain as businesses and focuses more on its technology and ecosystem development. Hopefully this might give you some additional perspective on the chains rather than just “coins buying”.

As always. Enjoy. Cheers.


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Last Updates

[as of 28 Aug]

  1. Added Parsiq (PRQ) under Usage.

Next Gen

Polkadot (DOT) a heterogeneous multi-chain that connects and secures blockchains with implicit security and interoperability. It creates a somewhat enclosed ecosystem like Ethereum, it does sound more promising to provide interoperability across blockchains than Cosmos with Hub-Zone architecture. Its language Substrate will also be something i am interested to learn. Latest overview paper is also worth a read.

Cosmos (ATOM) — the one challenger to Polkadot i believe, sharing the same problem domain with a different approach. i am a bit skeptical on whether its Hub-Zone model could facilitate an efficient cross-links communications; while the other side of the mirror is that it allows high autonomy for its Zones and does have a pioneer advantage to Polkadot. Its founder departure still a warning flag to me though, worth a note.

Cardano (AVA), Elrond (ERD)- both positions well to be an alternative network to Ethereum and have somewhat solid roadmap and partners onboarding in coming future. On my radar.

Ethereum 2.0 — mainly just something on my radar. Sharding and Layer 2 development will be something need to study soon before ETH2 ready.


ChainLink (LINK) , Band Protocol (BAND)— properly i have missed the booming phase of these Oracle tokens but their market proposition and problem that the team aims to solve is notable. Chainlink is the Goliath while Band Protocol is David, the latter one is a challenger that worth to be on radar with strong investor background as well.

OriginTrail (TRAC) — a supply chain ecosystem that bridges on- & off- chains system. Haven’t studied yet but definitely worth a note after Coka Cola announcement on using Unibright for their North America supply chain operations.


Aave (LEND) — a trending DeFi on lending. the later news about DEX Mortgage does draw my attention. i need more research on it though.

0x (ZRX) — a protocol that enable DEX. It even has a canned template to help developers to build their own CEX or DEX. need more research as well.

XIO (XIO)— flash stacking platform that distribute all the staking reward right after you stake the collateral. Staker can seal the contract and withdraw the stake early by paying certain fee. Much like a reserved time-deposit product. a very interesting model to know.

Exchanges / Usages

UniSwap — tried when testing YAM (see below). so far it’s a DEX with the best UX i have tried so far. (CRO, MCO) — you can’t deny it‘s best in its UX & VISA card. Along with aggressive staking & referral programme. Yet the recent CRO / MCO swapping does rise suspicion in the community, especially as being a centralised EX. Still, i think it cannot go too wrong if mainly use its VISA card along with stacking & rebate bonus. you may use my referral code (krzdme8f5n) for the USD50 referral bonus. It’s worth to note that it’s not anonymous and require KYC.

Binance (BNB) — i do looking forward to how they utilize BNB tokens for their smart contract ecosystem as well as going into DEX area.

Parsiq (PRQ) — a high potential token that provides a reverse-Oracle-like service that bring on-chain data off-chain, such that off-chain system can utilise the blockchains information. Most importantly it has not just a working prototype but a lean running business. Lots of potential if you ask me and definitely will be on my radar.

Swipe, Plutus, SwissBorg — names of service with debit cards support that i will study later.


MakerDAO (MKR, DAI) — their whitepaper is surely the mother of all decentralized stable coin that worth a read. On my to-do.

USDT — i have doubt on this given that it did “print” more USDT than its USD holdings. not recommended.


Offshift (XFT), Suterusu (SUTER), Secret Token (SCRT) — a list of new comers that focuses on developing protocol that aims with privacy in mind. Ambitious but definitely is a next step in managing asset through chains.


Yam Finance (YAM) — a fun experiment that stablize the YAM token at USD1 through “rebasing”. Farming it is fund all until it’s found to be sort-of buggy and then collapsed. YAM 2.0 is worth to explore though.

Do you have any tokens or projects that you would suggest to be on radar? Let me know, i may cover them in the near future. Thanks!

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